Want to be a better listener? These 3 keys will help
It is so easy to dismiss someone because they may make a request you do not understand or even think is stupid. Truly listening, however, can set you on a new and wonderful trajectory
by Carl Medford Aug 25
Stop, look, listen: Focus on what sellers are NOT saying at listing presentations
Clients tell you so much, not only with what they say but how they decorate, how they interact with each other and what they don’t say. If you’re not actively listening and asking questions from the beginning, it will come back to bite you later in the process.
by Christine Carr May 24
Want to network like a boss? 5 tips for developing deeper connections
Networking like a boss certainly isn't easy, but just like any other skill, you can get better at it with lots of practice. Here are a few tried-and-true tips that'll help you up your relationship-building abilities
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QUIZ: Are you really listening? Find out here
Think you're a good listener? Let's find out. Take the quiz to gauge your listening skills when it comes to client needs and concerns, then implement these best practices to improve your communication
by Bernice Ross Mar 25
5 ways to amp up your client communication skills
You might not think about it, but there's a lot more to communicating successfully than speaking or texting
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Do you suffer from open mouth syndrome? Here's the cure
Listen and silent are spelled using the exact same letters
by Spyro Kemble Nov 8
How honest communication builds rapport with clients
Keep communication open and honest for easier deals and a more pleasant experience for everyone
by Matt Johnson AND Andrew Wetzel Aug 31