Keller Williams mega team taps ex-Side exec Jon Boller as president
Livian, the Keller Williams mega team, has named Boller as its first-ever president. The former Go-To-Market Strategy vice president for Side will oversee growth for Livian's 35-state footprint
by Marian McPherson Jul 21
5 mythunderstandings about agent retention in 2023
Once you've found agents you want to partner with, it's time to put forth the effort to keep them around, and that starts with understanding what agents really want
by Adam Hergenrother Apr 13
What does 'back to basics' mean in 2023?
Want to get all the way back to basics this year? Channel the energetic you from your first couple of years in real estate
5 mythunderstandings about real estate recruiting in 2023
When the going gets tough in the market at large, real estate agents may be more open to conversations and career changes
by Adam Hergenrother Mar 30
Lean times require you to lean in. Here’s how
Lean into focused activities, lean into lead generation, lean into holding two appointments a week, lean into purposeful conversations and lean into the '200 percent' life
by Adam Hergenrother Mar 23
Gary keller, keller williams
In this shifting market, you'll have to do more to achieve the same results you were getting before. Here's what Keller Williams CEO Gary Keller says is the formula for doing more
KW mega team Livian grows with Southeast merger
The three combined teams add 20 agents with more than 4,500 real estate transactions under their belts to Livian's roster, according to the company
by Andrea V. Brambila Feb 14
Is it the right time to join a team? 7 reasons to make a move
Teams offer the support that can help top-performing agents reach new heights and take their businesses to the next level
What to look for when partnering with a team
Whether you are on the hiring side or on the candidate side of the table, here are a few things to keep in mind when looking to partner with an agent or team
Accountability vs. motivation: Which is more important now?
As a leader, you need to focus more on systems and processes and let your agents determine their own ways of ensuring accountability and motivation
by Adam Hergenrother Jan 17
What agents want in team culture (Hint: It's not Top Golf and Taco Tuesdays)
Agents are not looking for the 'fun and feel-good stuff' — they are looking for results in their businesses. It's up to you as a team leader to keep your culture current and project it to the world
by Adam Hergenrother Jan 12
Here’s what agents want from their team in 2023
If you want to grow your team next year by partnering with more agents, make sure you execute on these points
by Adam Hergenrother Dec 21
Strong leadership isn't mistake-free. How leaders need to be in 2023
Strong leadership isn’t about never making mistakes. It’s about clear and transparent communication when mistakes are made
What’s wrong with training your competition?
Team leaders fear pouring money and into training new agents who may leave, thus training the competition. But let's look at the other side of the coin
by Adam Hergenrother Nov 17
A Keller Williams team leader on essentials for navigating a downturn
Remember, the market doesn't determine your outcome; it only determines you strategy. Make these changes to help motivate your team for what's next