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Agents and loan officers need to end the animosity, panel says
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Brad Inman's inspirational guide to success in 2023
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To tip or not to tip: How to thank your real estate ecosystem this year
As the holiday season reaches its pinnacle, it can be confusing to know when and how to say thanks to those who are keeping you afloat. Here's some advice on how to handle tips and gifts
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Say goodbye to nightmare clients! 10 tips for avoiding them
Remember your most miserable client? Here's how to avoid a repeat of that experience. Just reverse-engineer it so you don't attract someone similar
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2 working women thriving in real estate reveal what it takes to lead
Stop chasing balance and stop chasing perfection, Kendall Bonner of RE/MAX Capital Realty and Kymber Menkiti of Keller Williams Capital Properties, said at Connect Now on Thursday
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Professional athletes make the perfect recruits. Here's why
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Many agents are taking a beat to rethink their business plans they wrote at the beginning of 2022. Is your plan ready to shift with the market?
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Experts share how building community can build your business
Helping to create community can help build the business pipeline, experts said at Inman Connect Now. But real estate professionals should approach it from a place of genuine generosity
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