The Austin-headquartered real estate franchise is aggressively pursuing its tech strategy, but agent count and transaction volume have declined
by Patrick Kearns | May 16
Former agents recall the practice, while current franchise owners insist there has never been a directive in place to keep inactive agents on the roster
by Patrick Kearns | Feb 6
Haunted by rosters of inactive, unlicensed and deceased agents, KW President Josh Team confirmed the company will purge up to 15,000 names nationwide
by Patrick Kearns | Feb 5
CEO says focus on agent count, sales volume and units is 'not the game that we’re playing anymore'
by Andrea V. Brambila | Feb 19
Virtual brokerage luring teams with geographic expansion opportunities
by Gill South | Nov 14
EXp World Holdings CEO teases affiliated services including mortgage origination
by Gill South | Aug 14
Global franchisor raises outlook for Q4 and FY 2015 as housing market continues to improve
by Amy Tankersley | Nov 6
Global franchisor added 4,782 agents in 2014, most since 2006
by Paul Hagey | Mar 12
Company plans to increase franchise and agent fees
by Paul Hagey | May 15
Franchisor reports 18 percent surge in global agent count in 2013
by Inman | May 7