50 real estate terms you better know in this market
Brand new agent or an industry veteran, there are some words and phrases that frequently crop up. We've chosen 50 terms to create an easy-to-use glossary you'll return to again and again
by Daniel Houston Jul 1
8 ways to help buyers through an as is purchase
As-is sales are always ripe for complications in markets that typically entertain repairs and concessions after the inspection period. Agents need to make sure clients are as prepared as possible before going into a multiple-offer situation. Here's how
by Cara Ameer Apr 27
In a red-hot seller's market, is staging even worth it?
The next time you encounter sellers who don't know if they should stage their property, sell it vacant or furnished, or do additional work, here's what to do
by Bernice Ross Jan 6
9 realities your clients will face when buying as-is properties
A ‘Money Pit’ is funny when it stars Tom Hanks and Shelly Long, but when it’s your clients, make sure your buyers aren’t actors in a real-time remake — and you’ll be a big star
by Nicole Solari Jul 26
5 renovation projects that yield the best resale value
5 renovation projects that yield the best resale value
by Gerard Splendore Jan 3
A homeowner and an inspector looking at a collapsed ceiling
Focus on encouraging thoroughness and asking plenty of questions, and your buyers will be armed with the information they need to find the perfect home
by Barbara Zorn Jun 6
6 tips for selling a home 'as is'
Think about what you can do to make the transaction smooth and simple for yourself and the buyers
by Cara Ameer May 24
10 painful realities about the foreclosure process
What buyers should know before making the decision to buy
by Kellie Tinnin Jul 29
If the discovered defects are unacceptable, you have 4 options
by Barry Stone Feb 5
What to avoid when deposit is at stake
by Barry Stone Oct 2
Property condition ratings introduce new risk
by Jack Guttentag Apr 9
Price cut, buyer credit can work wonders
by Dian Hymer Oct 17
$900 repair quote raises suspicions of foul play
by Barry Stone Jul 12