A new report from Bankrate.com shows that 17% of adults 28-37 aren’t getting a full night’s rest thanks to housing cost stress
by Andrea V. Brambila | Aug 20
Only 21% viewed real estate as an ideal investment
by Veronika Bondarenko | Jul 25
62% of homeowners don't plan on moving from their current residence
by Marian McPherson | Apr 30
Additional increases throughout the year could push mortgage rates as high as 5 percent by year's end
by Jotham ​Sederstrom | Mar 21
Bankrate identifies the biggest costs for new homeowners
by Marian McPherson | Feb 21
Study ranks NYC as best city for young professionals, but high cost of living creates barrier of entry
by Jennifer Riner | Apr 27
Prohibitive taxes, extreme rents and high lifestyle expenses put New York at the bottom
by Jennifer Riner | Mar 4
Long-term movement in rates is of more interest
by Kimberley Sirk | Jan 21
Consumer debt puts DC at second place in new Bankrate rankings
by Kimberley Sirk | Nov 4
The latest daily real estate market news collected on a single page
by Inman | Jun 8
Cost of title insurance not included in Bankrate.com survey
by Inman | Aug 5
Partnership with lender also provides new tools on Realtor.com
by Matt Carter | Dec 1
RESPA changes improve survey accuracy, says Bankrate.com
by Inman | Aug 18

New and old online real estate companies in recent years have approached the business as media enterprises, using content and advertising as a business model. What is the outlook for these companies? Can real estate content really work to fetch enough advertising dollars to feed a media enterprise?

by Inman | Jan 18