Anywhere settled. Now RE/MAX. Here's what you see next
Now that Anywhere and RE/MAX have tapped the first dominoes, here's what you think will happen with the bombshell commission lawsuits
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This week: Anywhere has settled its portion of the bombshell commission lawsuit, so who's next?
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The most explosive damage to the National Association of Realtors and the overall industry will result if the defendants lose one or both so-called bombshell lawsuits
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Tick, tick, boom: The Download on the bombshell commission suit
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Brokers can help agents prepare for rough times ahead and any challenges that come their way
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The bombshell real estate lawsuit has just exploded
With the stakes higher than ever in Moerhl, the real estate industry is facing significant upheaval in terms of how listing and selling agents are compensated
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These new MLS rules could kill future bombshell commission lawsuits
A new policy by Northwest MLS offers a glimpse of changes that could make commissions easier to negotiate and more transparent
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Real estate isn't a piece of cake. So why are we selling that lie?
If we want to be seen as ethical, honorable, valuable professionals — we need to earn it. Think more accurate messaging, stop the false 'quick and easy' sales pitches, and leave cake to bakeries