A matchmaking lead service that does a good job at overlapping buyers and sellers with the best agent, but it doesn't come cheap
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Maybe we should stop chasing consumers and instead give them massive value when they become our clients. They might respect our profession more
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Website integration with Buyside lets Baird & Warner serve up detailed buyer stats to potentially reel in more listings
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It might seem like we host these events for our sellers’ sake, but when done at a high level with consistent attention to detail, they serve our businesses too
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The Chicago-based company wants in on the age of disruption
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The suit was filed by two agents and seeks to represent 'thousands' of others who may have been affected
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From targeting to nurturing, the best ways to reach homebuyers
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Give your clients the time and thought they deserve
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Platform features a dynamic pricing algorithm and promises shoppers better deals
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Don't fall prey to listless wondering in your career
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A British tech company helping support homebuyers in the UK is rolling out its US version in New Jersey
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