Looking for a better deal? Consider the condo
Although price appreciation is outpacing affordability gains in the single-family sector, there are deals to be found with condominiums and co-ops, economists told Inman
by Patrick Kearns Sep 4
Sister of Steve Mnuchin sues potential buyers for deal fallout
Valerie Mnuchin claims her penthouse's potential buyers exploited the COVID-19 crisis to try and renegotiate the sale contract, which resulted in the co-op board rejecting the deal
by Lillian Dickerson May 26
Shrouded in steel: Scourge of New York City scaffolding turns 40
New York's ubiquitous scaffolding is the result of laws passed in 1980 and 1998. The scaffolding is meant to prevent falling debris, but it also comes with tradeoffs
by Jim Dalrymple II Feb 25
For $9.75M, you could be Uma Thurman's neighbor
A co-op located in Manhattan's historic River House, home to several celebrities, had its price cut by 11 percent
Your next home will be the one that finds you
Powerful algorithms will not remove the emotions of buying or owning. But other factors will be a click away and demystify the process
by Brad Inman Apr 1
Who's to blame for falling co-op commissions?
Discussing the issue upfront is better than waiting until it’s time to submit a deal, and it never hurts to iron it out in the buyer-broker agreement
by Pat Hiban Mar 12
Lesson learned: Why you truly have to get to know your clients
DJK Residential’s Barbara Ireland provides game-changing services to her Manhattan market
by Christy Murdock May 21
4 ways to keep your condo or co-op deal on track
Listing agents should employ these risk management tips for more sales and better client reviews
by Nicholas Oliver May 4
Buildings around Union Square in Manhattan
Downtown, Midtown continue to lead borough in sales, according to CityRealty
by Jennifer Riner Aug 10
New price highs seen for Manhattan luxury and resale properties
Douglas Elliman and Jonathan Miller track price, sales and market shifts
by Jennifer Riner Jul 7
Upper East Side co-op
Renovated apartment comes with a full service of amenities – even parking
by Inman Jun 20
Buildings around Union Square in Manhattan
The neighborhood’s average price per square foot shifts up, Midtown and Financial District trend down
by Jennifer Riner Jun 10
Craigslist founder buys home that never appeared on Craigslist
Even the website's founder can use help with listings
by Britt Chester May 31
Luxury listing: full-floor unit in East Village
Pre-war detail and oversized windows make everything warmer
by Inman May 24
Luxury listing: West Village home designed by Boris Baranovich
Take in Hudson River sunsets in Lower Manhattan
by Inman Mar 18