Following a wave of headlines about open house-related crime, agents say safety issues are a growing concern
by Jim Dalrymple II | Nov 12
Police say the man is in a competition, organized by a local cult, in which whoever collects the most flyers wins a bride
by Veronika Bondarenko | Sep 6
A mysterious person claiming to be 'supernatural guardian' sent letters to the couple who purchased the home in 2014
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 9
MetroList allegedly paid $10K ransom after being compromised by hackers, leaving more than 20K subscribers without a functioning system for nearly 2 days
by Andrea V. Brambila | Jun 12
The former Trump presidential campaign chairman was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison
by Veronika Bondarenko | Jun 7
A number of real estate development executives were among nearly 50 people charged in a scheme that included cheating on entrance exams and fake athlete profiles
by Patrick Kearns | Mar 12
The question of a listing’s past is just another factor to consider as part of the search for your buyers' perfect home
by Albert Anderson | Feb 25
The Missouri couple planned to spend the money on a home closer to their grandchildren, but a scammer baited them with a fraudulent email
by Gabriela Barkho | Dec 21
Police are asking for help locating Briana Ferguson, age 41, last seen in her Roseville home on Dec. 14
by Patrick Kearns | Dec 18
Surveillance cameras captured Darcy Allison Sledge taking money from one of the Connecticut home's bedrooms
by Veronika Bondarenko | Nov 9
NFL linebacker Mychal Kendricks made $279,000 selling Move Inc. stock after the company was acquired by News Corp.
by Patrick Kearns | Aug 29
Police found two girls, ages 4 and 1, inside a locked car in 84-degree heat, according to local news reports
by Veronika Bondarenko | Aug 29
A serial caller with a deep voice has targeted female agents across the country, from Hawaii to Massachusetts, prompting safety alerts
by Jotham ​Sederstrom | Mar 22
Real estate agents in the Texas capital are relieved that the serial bombing saga appears to have concluded without more bloodshed, but aren't taking chances with safety
by Gill South | Mar 21
Rumors that the latest explosive was attached to a fake Realtor sign remain unconfirmed
by Gill South | Mar 19