10 ways to invest in your agents (so they're invested in you)
Although brokers expect accountability and investment from their agents, agents need the same thing from their leaders, say DOORA's Troy Palmquist and Janet Pozos
by Troy Palmquist AND Janet Pozos Sep 10
Stop chasing! 5 ways to attract the agents you need now
Whether you're a team leader or broker, the way you connect with others in your area matters. These 5 steps will help you attract your market's best agents
by Troy Palmquist Aug 28
Keller Williams’ profit sharing move shouldn’t come as a surprise
People are pointing fingers and raising hell over KW’s recent profit share announcement. But why is everyone so surprised?
by Troy Palmquist Aug 25
7 ‘connect’-ions I made at Inman Connect Las Vegas
If it’s been a while since you’ve been to an industrywide event, broker Troy Palmquist says it’s time you start making travel plans
by Troy Palmquist Aug 16
Forget buyer love letters. Craft a perfect offer instead
If you’re putting together a beautiful, thoughtful offer package, your buyers won’t have to supplement with a love letter. Here's how to impress with your pdf
by Janet Pozos Aug 14
How to 'attract' agents instead of 'recruiting' them
The key to success in attracting and retaining good agents lies in large part on a broker's mindset, speakers at Inman Connect Las Vegas said. And adopting a 'we' instead of a 'me' attitude
7 door-to-door sales secrets to make you a better door knocker
Self-proclaimed door-knocking champ Ernesto Vargas will be onstage at ICLV this week, helping attendees hone their presentation skills to engage with the people they encounter
by Ernesto Vargas Aug 7
How high-impact marketing accelerates agent success
Worried about recruiting and retention? Your agents hold the key to your brokerage’s success, and you hold the key to theirs through exceptional marketing
by Janet Pozos Jul 28
Read the signs to make your door knocking more effective
When you’re out door knocking, reading the signs can give you insight into the needs and concerns of the people you meet
by Ernesto Vargas Jul 28
Avoid a Tori Spelling moment by finding the humanity in clients
An LA Realtor found himself in the hot seat after mistakenly texting Spelling-snark to Tori herself. What can his mistake teach you about how you communicate?
by Troy Palmquist Jul 27
The shiny objects keeping you from serving your clients
Don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen. Find the home your buyer clients are looking for and help them get to the closing table
by Troy Palmquist Jul 21
How we’re using QR codes for high-impact real estate marketing
Stop sending the same-old, same-old marketing collateral. Use QR codes to make everything you provide more meaningful
by Janet Pozos Jul 7
Swag it out: Using on-demand printing to create your own merch
Merch isn’t just for rock bands and YouTubers. Here’s how to create an on-demand product line to promote your real estate business
by Janet Pozos Jun 6
Learn the strategies of this self-proclaimed ‘door-knocking champ’
As community life and face-to-face interactions become more rare, door-knocking as a lead generation and nurturing tool becomes even more powerful
by Ernesto Vargas Jun 1
Find your superpower so you can save your business
In a time of cynicism and negativity, superhero movies are more popular than ever. Here’s how to become the hero in your own life and in your business
by Troy Palmquist May 29