A New York state court determined that establishing informed consent to dual agency requires more than a consumer's signature on a disclosure form
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45% of homeowners don't know they pay the buyer's agent commission when a home sells
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Buyers and sellers don't know whose interests agents represent, says the Consumer Federation of America
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4 plaintiffs allege signatures on statutory disclosure form Houlihan Lawrence included in its legal filing are phony
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How do consumers win with limited representation and an agent who can’t advocate on their behalf?
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Lawsuit against New York brokerage Houlihan Lawrence takes a new twist, with anonymous letters alleging the firm was paying 'secret kickbacks' to its 1,300 agents
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Representing both sides of a transaction can seem efficient, but that arrangement is often suspect, and in part of Canada, it's officially banned
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Our purchase offer was a 45-day close at full price. What could possibly go wrong? Lots.
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