Trends in home features constantly change, especially as new technology becomes available, and you need to stay on top of the innovation to sell it
by Kayla Matthews | Nov 27
Going green pays when it comes to selling a house. But more importantly, real estate's future depends on more sustainable communities
by Gill South | Apr 20
Shiny objects worth the distraction
by Than Merrill | Jul 8
The yard should be inviting to potential buyers
by Scott Robinson | Jun 7
There are many nuances that buyers need to be educated on
by Scott Robinson | Apr 4
Starting April 1, multifamily property developers will pay lower insurance rates to rehab or build housing for low- and moderate-income Americans
by Amy Tankersley | Feb 4
Partnerships, retrofits, conversions and incentives all part of an effort to reduce energy usage
by Erik Pisor | Nov 10
Planting trees, reducing greenhouse gas emissions are among the reasons for the ranking
by Erik Pisor | Nov 4
A number of initiatives contribute to the ranking
by Erik Pisor | Nov 4
Open your eyes to tenant representation and educating potential buyers
by Bernice Ross | Aug 31
Instruct your homeowner how to sell their home for the most value
by Andy Freeman | Jun 8
Doing it yourself cuts costs, but can you afford the time?
While more single-family homes than ever carry the designation, some states lag far behind
by Steve Bergsman | Mar 16
They're young, frugal and energy-conscious
by Mary Umberger | Oct 27