5 takeaways from 'The Great Door Knocking Debate' at ICLV
A months-long debate with self-proclaimed, door-knocking champion Ernesto Vargas culminated at ICLV in 'The great door-knocking debate.' Here are our top takeaways
by Rachael Hite Aug 16
7 ‘connect’-ions I made at Inman Connect Las Vegas
If it’s been a while since you’ve been to an industrywide event, broker Troy Palmquist says it’s time you start making travel plans
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7 door-to-door sales secrets to make you a better door knocker
Self-proclaimed door-knocking champ Ernesto Vargas will be onstage at ICLV this week, helping attendees hone their presentation skills to engage with the people they encounter
by Ernesto Vargas Aug 7
Read the signs to make your door knocking more effective
When you’re out door knocking, reading the signs can give you insight into the needs and concerns of the people you meet
by Ernesto Vargas Jul 28
Stop being needy! Start delivering value like UPS
When Ventura County, California, agent Ernesto Vargas is out door knocking, he’s always looking for ways to add value to his pitch
by Ernesto Vargas Jul 1
Learn the strategies of this self-proclaimed ‘door-knocking champ’
As community life and face-to-face interactions become more rare, door-knocking as a lead generation and nurturing tool becomes even more powerful
by Ernesto Vargas Jun 1
Unlock homeownership with down payment assistance programs 
As a real estate agent, it's not enough just to conduct the transaction. Provide education and service that will help make it possible in the first place
by Ernesto Vargas May 3