Hitwise: AOL Real Estate growing market share
by Inman | May 31
Scripps' property search site shoots up to second place in Hitwise rankings
by Inman | Feb 16
Realogy maintains ties via listings agreement with FrontDoor.com
by Inman | Oct 16
Partnership follows similar deal with TV Web sites
by Inman | Aug 3
Real estate brief
by Inman | Jul 24
Real estate tech brief
by Inman | May 22
Site adds reviews, amenities maps, videos, stats
by Inman | Jan 14
Real Estate Tech Profile: FrontDoor.com
by Inman | Sep 16

Behaviors of online real estate consumer are constantly evolving. Deanna Brown is President of Interactive group for Scripps Networks, the company behind Inman Innovator Awards winner Frontdoor.com explains.

by Inman | Aug 29
Real estate technology brief
by Inman | Aug 27

A conversation with Deanna Brown, President, Scripps Networks Interactive.

by Joel Burslem | Jul 29
Real estate technology roundup
by Inman | Jul 15
Real estate technology roundup
by Inman | Jul 11
Site now has 1.5 million for-sale properties displayed
by Inman | Mar 17

New and old online real estate companies in recent years have approached the business as media enterprises, using content and advertising as a business model. What is the outlook for these companies? Can real estate content really work to fetch enough advertising dollars to feed a media enterprise?

by Inman | Jan 18