Home inspections cause more hassles than they're often worth. Majordomo's quick prioritization of repairs, pricing models and other tools can get you to closing sooner
by Craig C. Rowe | Nov 26
The inspection process evaluates the current performance of the home’s systems and their features, not the cosmetic defects or design issues
by John Giffen | Oct 6
Be proactive with answers, and you'll save your buyers all the stress and headaches that can happen in the process
by Cara Ameer | May 5
The listing agent, the buyer's agent, the buyer — one broker makes a case for all three 
by Troy Palmquist | Feb 14
The acquired company’s data on more than 110M US homes will become native to the array of inspection products and warranty services offered by National HouseCheck
by Craig C. Rowe | Jan 24
The majority of homeowners forget about this important appliance until it's too late, warns Scott Schnurr, the CEO of Chicago-based DRF Trusted Property Solutions
by Marian McPherson | Jan 4
The Startup Alley participant offers agents a faster way to deploy vendors and understand inspection repair costs
by Craig C. Rowe | Dec 26
This web-based service turns inspection reports into 98% accurate repair estimates in 24 hours or less — is it too good to be true?
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Buyers need to know what they’re buying and the risks that come along with their purchase, especially when the house is new
by Bernice Ross | Jun 4
Save your sellers from losing time and money by checking this off the to-do list first
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The verdict: Consider the relevant factors for this scenario on a case-by-case basis
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I would never want to miss an inspection; here's why
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Will calling the fire department delay the painting schedule? Well, probably
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The nicest properties don't always have the nicest clients
by Leigh Brown | Feb 20