The New York Times editorial board asked 8 NYC mayoral candidates, 'Do you know the median sales price for a home in Brooklyn?' Some answers left New Yorkers baffled
by Lillian Dickerson May 12
HUD has filed the notice needed to reinstate Obama-era Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing enforcement rules, which were repealed in September 2020
by Marian McPherson Apr 14
Rev. Raphael Warnock's and Jon Ossoff's elections have tipped the scales in President-Elect Joe Biden's favor. What does it mean for the future of his policies?
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With the election drawing to a close, an agent feels ready to shift her business and align more with the president-elect's housing policies. What should her broker say?
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Landlords in New York, Colorado and Mississippi have evicted tenants or threatened to raise rents based on the 2020 election results
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The race for the Democratic presidential nomination effectively narrowed to a two-man race Tuesday. But Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have very different ideas about housing
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 4
The presidential hopeful wants to make Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae a 'single, fully government-owned mortgage guarantor' that benefits taxpayers, community banks
by Marian McPherson Feb 19
A year after issuing a preliminary approval, the Minneapolis City Council approved the Minneapolis 2040 plan in a 12-1 vote on Friday
by Marian McPherson Oct 25
The president touted his administration's cuts to regulations and praised Realtors at the National Association of Realtors' legislative meetings and trade expo
by Patrick Kearns May 17
Fewer than half of Los Angeles residents own a home according to a report from CityLab
by Patrick Kearns May 4
HUD recently released guidelines to help rental housing managers and real estate brokers create a non-discriminatory housing policy
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Battle over mortgage interest deduction still to come
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Commentary: Obama and Romney need to provide more details on their positions
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Major obstacles lie in income documentation, mortgage insurance rules
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