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by Carl Franzen | Jun 18
Laurie Weston Davis, Peter Brewer and Joe Schutt to lead the group July 22-26
by Amrit Judge | May 17
Laurie Weston Davis and Peter Brewer to lead the group from January 29 - February 1, 2019
by Amrit Judge | Nov 1
The real estate coach led an energetic session at Inman's Luxury Connect
by Patrick Kearns | Oct 18
Remember Arab Spring 8 years ago? The National Association of Realtors’ new leadership’s mission to transform the sprawling trade group is similar
by Brad Inman | May 10
Celebrating the innovators testing the boundaries of what’s possible in real estate
by Inman | May 10
How to stay top-of-mind, no matter what
by Inman | May 9
Wong will moderate speakers and sessions on Tuesday, July 17 at ICSF
by Inman | Apr 27
Applying a revolutionary model of thinking about data to real estate
by Inman | Apr 24
Laurie Weston Davis and Joe Schutt lead the group from July 17-20, 2018
by Amrit Judge | Mar 20
What does it really take to get a successful product over the finish line and shipped to users?
by Inman | Mar 2
Corporate disengagement with the day-to-day work of agents and brokers is a threat to the industry, says Inman Coast to Coast community
by Gill South | Feb 13
Opendoor CEO Eric Wu shares his vision for the startup, which includes 'title, mortgage, home service and so on.'
by Emma Hinchliffe | Jan 30
Laurie Weston Davis and Joe Schutt lead the group from January 22-26, 2018
by Amrit Judge | Nov 28