Mom-and-pop landlords have been losing market share for decades. The last time there was a downturn, that trend accelerated
by Jim Dalrymple II Apr 27
Stephen Schwarzman shares lessons he learned from the recession and being the one-time largest owner of single-family real estate in the country
by Patrick Kearns Jan 30
Fredy Asevedo transferred more than $3,000 for a two-month deposit on a rental before the man posing as his real estate agent stopped replying to his calls
Keller Williams Realtor Kenny Klaus and Dan Noma of Venture REI envision a certification program that can help level the playing field for agents and homeowners alike
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Investors are pouring money into vacation homes, multifamily properties, rental technology and everything in between. And that means agents have a golden opportunity
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Wall Street and venture capitalists are pouring fortunes into everything from real estate tech companies to single family rentals
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The iBuyer announces plans to reach 50 markets by 2020 alongside massive funding round
by Emma Hinchliffe Jun 13
Plaintiff alleges that Invitation Homes charges illegal late fees which can stack up if tenants aren't careful
by Patrick Kearns May 31
Three activist groups say institutional investors have turned the American Dream into a 'nightmare' and are 'price-gouging' tenants with tactics reminiscent of payday lenders
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Investors will eat agent commissions and begin to control housing stock
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Giant real estate investor bought thousands of homes during housing slump
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Fannie Mae agrees to guarantee $1B of debt backed by single-family rentals
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Invitation Homes filed confidentially for an IPO on November 30
by Amber Taufen Dec 6