Hint: Whoever builds a strong relationship first stands the best chance of winning the listing
by Kevin Hoover | Feb 12
If we can break out of the cycle of wanting more and enter a place of wanting better, we stand to win as an industry
As we navigate the myriad of challenges in our industry, we have to focus on giving clients what they want
by Kevin Hoover | Sep 28
The key to giving luxury clientele what they want is understanding their expectations and knowing what they are looking for in a real estate agent
by Kevin Hoover | Sep 13
If our intention is to create value against technology, automation and public opinion, we have to be different
by Kevin Hoover | Aug 21
The agent brand is the most important aspect of creating longevity in this business
by Kevin Hoover | Jun 25
The key to building your brand and capitalizing on marketing efforts is to make it all about the people you serve
by Kevin Hoover | Jun 20
By defining your own version of success, keeping a strong value on your time and being consistent, you will win in the long term
by Kevin Hoover | May 10
Tech is not a scary 'thing' that is out to replace the agent — it is a necessary industry that works in our favor
by Kevin Hoover | Apr 18
Stick to heated square footage, sale date and number of bedrooms as a guide
by Kevin Hoover | Apr 11
No one likes to be sold to
by Kevin Hoover | Feb 28
We have to be careful who we are listening to and who's advice is relevant
by Kevin Hoover | Feb 5
The most effective sales tool is interaction — not automation
by Kevin Hoover | Jan 16
Set yourself apart from all the other agents with these easy hacks
by Kevin Hoover | Jan 4
By adding a deeper goal to your strategy, you'll reinforce your brand and bring your business to a new level of approachability
by Kevin Hoover | Dec 19