3 steps to avoid bad marketing advice in real estate

We have to be careful who we are listening to and who's advice is relevant

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Inman Connect San Francisco, Jul 16-20, 2018

In a recent social media interaction, I was completely alarmed at some of the ideas floating around our industry. More than any other time in history, we, as real estate agents, have to be careful about the advice we are taking. An agent in this particular social media group was passing out advice about how to earn “now business," meaning, he was advertising a proven method to find clients who are ready to buy or sell real estate within the next 30 days.  This is not uncommon for these type of group settings. This particular agent said that he had, on multiple occasions, put his own house on Zillow as a for sale by owner to attract buyer leads. His house was not for sale, he was just using it to attract buyers who were looking for homes. He went on to say that he had done this with other listings from his company as well. I was utterly alarmed at the admission. Even more alarming was the little heart under the post. Someone, actually, loved this idea. It was baffling. Fi...