Housing, otherwise set aside for those who meet certain income requirements, can now be used by displaced individuals for temporary disaster relief
by Lew Sichelman | Oct 18
Yeezy Home collaborator Jalil Peraza shared renderings of the property on Instagram, which are exclusively for low-income households
by Marian McPherson | Jun 6
Building 100 affordable rental homes generates $11.7 million in local income
by Deidre Woollard | Mar 20
Experts discuss new ideas for sustainable homeownership in the Golden State
by Gill South | Nov 15
Rehabilitation and new construction to deliver 710 affordable apartments
by Jennifer Riner | Sep 23
CAR Board of Directors voted in favor of $1.3 billion proposal by California Assembly members to make buying a home within reach
by Kimberly Manning | May 10
HUD voucher programs turn renters into buyers
by Kimberley Sirk | Mar 15
St. Stephens Apartments will offer 71 low-income housing units
by Kimberley Sirk | Mar 11
Metro accounts for more objections to low-income housing than any other Texas market
by Erik Pisor | Feb 9