Essential workers sacrifice space and home age to afford their rent: Zillow
Millions of renters throughout the US are often forced to choose smaller and older homes to afford their rent, according to a recent report from Zillow
Minimum wage workers must clock 97 hours a week to afford housing
According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, minimum wage workers need to make $23.96 per hour to comfortably afford a two-bedroom rental
by Marian McPherson Jul 20
California governor signs gig economy bill into law
Employers must use a state-mandated ABC 'test' to classify workers as an independent contractor
by Marian McPherson Sep 18
Zillow employee slams 'illegal commission structure' in lawsuit
The suit also alleges that Zillow failed to calculate overtime wages correctly, basing them on hourly rates rather than a combination of the hourly rate and commission wages
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 22
What happens if real estate is forced to pay minimum wage?
Do you have a plan B? Here are some ideas on paths forward for agents and brokers
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How a California minimum wage court decision could impact real estate
The Dynamex minimum wage decision worries me now more than ever
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Is mandatory minimum wage coming to real estate?
It would have devastating effects on existing brokerage models that are built on head count and low fees
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Average earner would struggle to buy home on their own in 68% of counties: study
As home price growth outpaces wage growth, many buyers are moving away from the coasts in search of more affordable markets
by Marian McPherson Mar 30
A paycheck stub with a dollar bill
Good luck trying to sleep between the 2.7 full-time jobs needed to pay your rent
by Britt Chester Jun 3