As we begin to enter the next phase, now is a great opportunity for agents to implement good work habits to maximize their productivity and return to business with greater focus than ever
by Santiago Arana Jun 30
Doing more than one thing at a time slows you down and makes you prone to make mistakes. Use these other techniques to boost your productivity instead
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If research tells us anything, focusing on one thing at a time can make you a better agent
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Try implementing one or two per week, and see how much more you can get done  
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The practices that put you in control of your life
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Focusing on one task is proven to be more beneficial
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Get off the multitasking bandwagon, because it's doing more than just killing your productivity
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Spend time doing what you're really good at and delegate out the rest
by Guest Contributor May 21
Insights from Arianna Huffington
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Secret to success is shifting from what you 'could do' to what you 'should do'
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