State Farm exits California homeowners' insurance market
Inflation, construction costs and intensifying wildfire seasons pushed State Farm to stop taking new homeowners' insurance applications in California, the insurance giant announced Friday
by Marian McPherson May 31
One in 10 US homes impacted by natural disasters in 2021
A CoreLogic report found that 14.5M properties were subject to natural disasters that caused $56.9B in property damage last year. These events can have long-term impacts on communities
by Matt Carter Feb 18
Hurricane Laura poised to wreak billions in property damage
Damage incurred as a result of Hurricane Laura's surge is poised to impact at least 431,810 residences with over $88.6 billion in reconstruction costs across Texas and Louisiana
by Lillian Dickerson Aug 26
Hurricane Harvey flooding in Port Arthur, TX
The plan comes as officials struggle to reform the federal flood insurance program, which is deeply in debt
by Jim Dalrymple II Mar 12
Hurricane Harvey damage in Port Arthur, Texas
Going into effect in July 2019, it will require lenders to accept private policies rather than just government ones
by Jim Dalrymple II Feb 12
What your buyers need to know about natural disaster insurance
CoreLogic expert Tom Larsen sits down with Inman to explain the ins and outs of home insurance and assessing your natural disaster risk
by Marian McPherson Aug 21
Are homebuyers avoiding natural hazard risk zones?
Some people don't want to deal with a basement
by Jennifer Riner Aug 24