Strive to be the producer who solves problems and guides clients, who helps others get better and who gives back to this industry we all love
by Jay Thompson | Feb 5
Asking to see the other agent's math and emphasizing an ethical obligation to disagree can be effective ways to counter this common objection. (Stay tuned for a new survey question Wednesday!)
by Inman | Nov 12
Inman compiled a list of savvy responses to non-committal or less-than-cooperative buyers and sellers, though agents should not use those that don't apply in certain cases
by Teke Wiggin AND Amber Taufen | Sep 29
Oh, your friend is an agent? Let me ask you this: Do you want to sell your house or do a favor?
by Inman | Feb 23
Start seeing rejections as opportunities rather than failures
by Matt Johnson | Aug 22
Complete a quick survey to share your insights and voice your opinion
by Gill South | May 17
Scripts for overcoming objections
by Julie Nelson | Dec 8