The pandemic broke open houses. Can a financial downturn fix them?
Open houses have been on the decline for decades, with a typical seller hosting just 1 open house before a sale. But an Intel review of data shows a downturn could breathe new life into the practice
by Marian McPherson Sep 20
Future so bright: Make tomorrow's business your best ever in 5 steps
The winners in today’s market will take steps to increase sales now, while setting the stage for more future business. Here's where to start
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There's a fine line between 'thirsty' and 'hustling'
These 5 do’s and don’ts will keep you on the right side of being a hustling hero and not looking like you need a cold glass of water
by Laura Stace Aug 5
5 fundamentals you can't afford to ignore this summer
Those agents who are still consistently working the fundamentals are the ones seeing success, and they'll also be the ones who have clients when we hit Q4
by Carl Medford Jul 8
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We don’t lack lead generation ideas. We lack execution. Choose a couple of these strategies, and take action today
by Jimmy Burgess Jun 1
23 ways to turn one listing into many, many more
Here are 23 ways to both market the home and yourself so that you can turn your latest real estate listing into many future deals
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These tech tools will upgrade your next open house
For sellers, the idea of more people viewing their listing is always welcome, even if a sale isn't made on the spot. Here are the tools to get more people looking
by Craig C. Rowe Nov 30
Open up your open house! 5 tips for ensuring everyone has access
Homebuyers have different needs. You can bring inclusiveness to your open house in order to open the doors to individuals with disabilities
by Amanda Deering Oct 31
Striving for safety: Helping your agents learn self-defense and personal protection
62% of agents report that they have not taken a self-defense class before. This is one stat about safety that brokers can improve for their teams
by Jeff Lichtenstein Oct 13
Open house creeping up on you? Here's your quick prep to-do list
Get ready for your upcoming open house quickly to dazzle your clients and get offers pouring in
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9 tips for creating a seller safety plan on your next listing
There certainly isn't enough advice out there on seller safety, says safety expert Robert Siciliano. Here are some tips to ensure your sellers (and you) stay safe during showings
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Want an unforgettable listing? Try these 7 open house secrets
An open house is the perfect opportunity to make a last impact on clients and potential clients to grow your business
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7 ways to create name recognition with no budget
No cash? Don't fret. There are plenty of ways to establish yourself as a new agent and make connections without spending a lot
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Pivot! Pivot! 8 tips to expertly prepare for a market shift
Four real estate dynamos share eight things real estate agents must do to effectively advocate for their clients, improve their skills, safeguard their finances and build a business that stands the test of time
by Marian McPherson Apr 20
Spring Open House
The weeks leading up to the spring homebuying season have coincided with an uptick in open house activity unseen since before the pandemic, real estate agents told Inman
by Daniel Houston Mar 16