Those satisfied clients need love, too, so make sure you're responding to their positive reviews with sincere appreciation
Aug 26
These 5 do’s and don’ts will keep you on the right side of being a hustling hero and not looking like you need a cold glass of water
Aug 5
Facebook is an important marketing tool that, if used correctly, can help a real estate professional generate leads and stay top of mind with clients
Jul 6
You need more than pretty pictures in your social media feed. Make sure you are educating potential clients with your content as well
Jun 9
Your real estate website is your window to the world. It allows potential clients to see your experience, your business acumen and connect with you should they wish to take the next steps
Feb 3
Preparing a listing to bring to the market is where you can set your service apart. Proper planning during the pre-listing period is essential for a successful sale process
Jan 9
More than just a tool for generating leads, your website should showcase your personality and the flair you bring to the business
Dec 21
Ensure that your social media presence is meaningful, engaging and up-to-date by avoiding these common mistakes
Nov 2
Consumers know that agents are famous for tweaking listing descriptions to lure them in to see the home. Avoid using these seven terms, and try these fresh alternatives instead
Oct 24
Repurposing content across platforms is a smart way to streamline your workload and ensure that your entire audience doesn’t miss your message
Oct 10
As we enter this new chapter of real estate together, one message was clear at Inman Luxury Connect — nurturing great relationships founded on trust and honesty is going to help agents set themselves up for success
Aug 24
Creating a great Facebook strategy means balancing the spontaneity of social media with the intentional aspects of effective marketing
Aug 17
You need to get positive attention both for agent recruitment and for client lead gen. Here are tips to ensure your brokerage is getting the right kind of attention
Jul 13
Sharing your personality via video will help you connect with clients and build your business in a tangible way. That can translate into a long and healthy career path
Jun 21
When growing your social media audience, remember that it will be a marathon and not a sprint. You want to build a qualified audience that will be receptive and will engage with your content
May 9
First-class service, thoughtful follow-up and a professional approach are all steps on the pathway to success in the luxury space. Here's how to look more put-together from day one
Apr 8
Life isn’t always picture perfect. The more you can showcase your authentic self on social media, the more like-minded people you will resonate with and potentially work with
Mar 8
While agents may start with a clean slate, personal branding gives them an opportunity to jump off the page with a new and unique image that evolves as they do
Feb 22
Think of subject lines as the trailer to a movie. If the preview is enticing enough, your sphere will want to watch the entire feature
Feb 15