Goodbye Climb, a unique brokerage lost to a cookie-cutter industry
Colleagues lament the loss of yet another indie
by Troy Palmquist Jan 10
Realtor John Aaroe steps out of retirement — again — for executive role at Pacific Union International
Pacific Union acquires majority stake in Gibson International
San Francisco luxury indie brokerage is grabbing up market share across the Golden State
by Gill South Dec 11
Los Angeles is up in flames, multimillion-dollar homes threatened
'It looks like the end of the world' reports real estate agent in Malibu, as Skirball fire spreads
by Gill South Dec 6
Pacific Union International acquires Empire Realty
This marks the third acquisition for the San Francisco brokerage in 10 months
by Gill South Oct 18
How to sell or merge your real estate brokerage
Readying your company for sale and bringing your agents through the process with care
by Gill South Aug 11
Pacific Union merges with Partners Trust, signals more acquisitions
A businessman signing documents
Mergers, integrations, acquistions, partnerships and more
by Inman Oct 29
Horacio LeDon joins Partners Trust as head of new development
Former Douglas Elliman executive joins Los Angeles real estate firm
by Britt Chester Sep 27
Partners Trust opens retail boutique under Santa Monica office to engage with potential clients
Yet another way to meet clients on the face-to-face level.
by Britt Chester Sep 21
brentwood home
There's no such thing as too many windows in Brentwood
by Inman Aug 29
Life is a little bit better sandwiched between two different golf courses
by Inman Aug 23
A woman holding a gold medal aloft
"Get clear with what matters most and line up your day accordingly”
by Inman Aug 19
Luxury listing: gorgeous gardens in Santa Monica
A "juxtaposition of old and new"
by Inman May 19
Partners Trust reveals hottest selling L.A. neighborhoods in Q1
2016 started off strong for the Southern California housing market
by Kimberly Manning May 10