Dotloop was one of the first transaction management tools to be reviewed in this column. Its sale to Zillow a few years ago raised questions about its future, but, turns out, not much has changed
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The co-founder is taking back the reins of his namesake company after more than 20 years
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Power dialer can send three calls at once and assist agents who still value the cold call
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Our mobile phones are genius devices and industrial design milestones. Why don't we use them for what they're intended?
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The co-host gives a rundown of why you'll regret it if you're not there
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Radiator covers, elevator systems and more showcased at real estate tech event
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Publish professional, effective listing content online in true DIY mini movie fashion
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The trials and tribulations of industry professionals
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The trials and tribulations of industry professionals
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Breathtaking, unobstructed city skyline and lake views
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