The 9 US housing markets where tenants are most behind on rent
One in every 4 renters in some US markets is behind on monthly rent payments after a historic run-up in prices, according to data released Monday by real estate portal
by Taylor Anderson Oct 4
Payload Keybox gets everyone paid faster and more securely: Tech Review
These are the tools that really matter right now, the ones that build powerful linkages between gaping inefficiencies in the deal
by Craig C. Rowe Feb 4
Renters pay 300% of landlords' mortgages in Memphis: Study
The extent to which tenants' rent covers a landlord's mortgage can vary widely, according to a city-by-city breakdown of how much rent goes into paying property owners' own mortgages
by Lillian Dickerson Jan 25
Lower credit usage among renters signal recovering market: Study
TransUnion's 2021 Rental Housing Financial Impact Study shows renters' smart financial decisions are helping to stabilize a volatile market
by Marian McPherson Mar 2
Federal judge in Texas rules eviction moratorium unconstitutional
US District Judge John Barker argued that Congress lacked the authority to give the CDC power to halt evictions, and that the moratorium threatened to impinge upon landlords' rights under state law. The DOJ filed a notice on Saturday to appeal the ruling
The federal eviction ban is about to expire. What happens next?
Although there's hope a relief bill will be passed that includes a 1-month extension, if the moratorium is allowed to expire, as many as 40M renters might be at risk of eviction
by Lillian Dickerson Dec 15
32M missed mortgage, rent or student loan payments in September
The number of renters and homeowners able to make payments during the third quarter of 2020 improved slightly from the second quarter, but remained relatively high overall, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association's Research Institute for Housing America
by Lillian Dickerson Oct 16
Florida and New York go separate ways on eviction bans
Governor Ron DeSantis has allowed Florida's eviction ban to expire while Governor Andrew Cuomo expanded New York's tenant protections to apply to pre-COVID evictions
Renters will be hardest hit by an end to unemployment benefits: Zillow
Over 30 million people currently receiving benefits stand to lose $600 per week, launching the percentage of renter households facing a severe housing burden from about 3% to 41%
by Lillian Dickerson Jul 27
How to protect yourself as a first-time landlord
Real estate investing is a competitive and risky game. Although you can't control when a global health crisis strikes, as an aspiring investor, you can protect yourself by adopting these necessary strategies and techniques
by Anna Johansson May 22
What roommates must prove to avoid liability for future rent
by Robert Griswold Feb 21
Many landlords opt not to disclose home address to tenants
by Robert Griswold Jan 23
Can landlord charge full replacement value?
by Robert Griswold Oct 19