There is one significant risk — an achilles heel — to portals: They don’t control their inventory
by Mike DelPrete Feb 24
In response to the pandemic earlier this year, leading real estate portals reacted by rolling out discounts and new products. Now, the results are in — and here's the revenue impact
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In this fast-moving, dynamic time, portals are making significant moves to retain their agent clients and ease their financial burden
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Attempts to compete directly with the leading portals — from both upstarts and financially strong runner-up portals — have met with limited success
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Being the place where consumers go to start their property search, even with alternate options, often yields more effective results
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A comparison of top portals around the world
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Moving beyond advertising and into other areas of the home sale transaction
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How the U.S. leaders measure up to portals around the planet
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Financial details from portals around the world can shed light on how the U.S. measures up
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What Zillow Group, REA Group and Rightmove are doing to drive change
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You might be surprised by how widely their strategies vary
by Mike DelPrete Sep 22

Most people probably assume that international buyers are looking at luxury homes in the U.S. But according to Celeste Starchild, Move’s senior vice president of professional software and general manager of ListHub, the average price of a home being purchased by an international buyer is a humble $250,000 — even slightly under.

by Gill South Apr 8
Agents have turned to public forums to express their frustration launches next week to take on Rightmove and Zoopla
by Phillip Woolgar Jan 19
June merger created 'mega-portal network'
by Inman Dec 21