Active listings saw 50% more home showings on average last month, ShowingTime says
by Andrea V. Brambila Jul 27
As COVID-19 restrictions loosen up, business owners are faced with a few ethical dilemmas. As a broker-owner, when should you allow real estate transactions to take place? Here are a few soul-searching questions to ask yourself
by Erica Ramus May 22
As the coronavirus pandemic gradually improves, a patchwork of plans to reopen local economies has emerged across the US
by Jim Dalrymple II May 14
In certain situations, it becomes necessary to list or show properties. When that happens, agents need to be prepared, especially if they're in a 'hot spot.' Here are a few things to keep in mind
by David Michonski Apr 22
Luckily, there are a handful of tech solutions to solve any disagreements in procedure
by Anthony Askowitz Mar 24
The Houston Association of Realtors will also waive third-quarter MLS fees totaling more than $4M
by Andrea V. Brambila Mar 23
Sometimes sellers need a lesson in what not to do to follow their agent's best advice
by Cara Ameer Jan 8
It isn't always a bad idea to spend time with potential clients who have yet to get a pre-approval letter
by Missy Yost Dec 30
Your safety is something that needs to be top-of-mind for every interaction with the public, especially at showings and open houses
by Rachael Hite Oct 8
The Mainstreet Organization of Realtors is making the Forewarn background check website and mobile app available as a benefit to all 17,000 of its members
by Teke Wiggin May 16
Set expectations from the beginning so you're less likely to run into conflict later
by Kayla Matthews Oct 18