This emerging consumer financing category is addressing the financial realities of today's prospective homebuyers
by Adena Hefets Feb 20
Decreasing mortgage rates contributed to the highest volume in mortgage originations in 14 years at a total of $752B, according to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York
by Lillian Dickerson Feb 12
Millennials account for billions of spending annually on lawn and garden products
by Patrick Kearns Jan 7
Zillow's latest consumer survey analyzes how medical and student debt is causing consumers to delay homebuying
by Patrick Kearns Sep 30
A new study from the tech-focused brokerage found that the average millennial could buy a home 3 years more quickly under the 2020 Democratic presidential contender’s proposal
by Patrick Kearns May 31
Financial journalist Felix Salmon reveals why homeownership is falling amongst all age groups
by Patrick Kearns Feb 1
New study from the Federal Reserve looks at how student debt is impacting young buyers
by Patrick Kearns Jan 17
Rising home prices and student loan debt are slowing down millennial homeownership, Apartment List finds
by Marian McPherson Jan 26
Company takes 3 steps to help debt-laden grads
by Lew Sichelman Apr 25
The answer might not be what you'd think
by Mark Fleming Nov 14
Survey finds nearly two-thirds of millennials have or will graduate with student debt
by Kimberly Manning Oct 10
Potential buyers are deterred because they can't save for a down payment, don't feel financially secure or fail to qualify for a mortgage
by Caroline Feeney Jun 13

The world is your oyster, they say. Just study hard, apply yourself and have endless opportunities greet you upon graduation. Sounds rewarding enough, until costs are factored in.

by Inman Jun 6
Communities with the lowest incomes are prone to the highest delinquency rate, despite loan balance
by Inman Dec 8
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by Inman Dec 8