In looking back, what do you think is responsible for keeping your business going this year? Is it your team leader, colleagues, digital platforms, communication tools or something else?
by Inman Jul 29
The key to doing team expansion right is to spend the time and resources to establish a foundation of administrative services, operations and lead generation that can scale
by Adam Hergenrother Jul 16
At the start of the decade few people even had a smartphone, now you can complete most of the homebuying process on one.
by Jeff Sibbach Jan 9
What is important is you (and each of the agents on your team) is the need to have something to fall back on to generate new business.
by Chris Pollinger Jan 2
Running your team from home is manageable and, if done correctly, can be an asset for your team and your family.
by Nicole Lopez Dec 26
Once the right group of people is brought together, the business thrives and allows for future growth.
by James Harris AND David Parnes Dec 12
It’s not uncommon to hear some team members ask what they need to do to go it alone. And that question makes sense
by Jeff Sibbach Dec 5
We will return to a business when we get what we expect. We refer businesses when we get more than we expected.
by Chris Pollinger Nov 28
With so many moving parts and team members always in motion, having a well-defined communications plan ensures a team is operating at its highest efficiency. 
by James Harris AND David Parnes Nov 21
It’s not the money or the name of your company, it’s about the amount of sacrifice you are willing to give to succeed.
by Matt Laricy Nov 14
Let’s never lose sight of why we are really here — to help others whenever possible
by Jason Sokody Nov 12
It only takes 42 days.
by Chris Pollinger Nov 7
Here are five steps to guide your team to achieve greater marketing success.
by F. Ron Smith AND David Berg Oct 31
In a shifting market, one thing that will create success for a team is moving "lead generation" up to the top of their value proposition.
by David DeVoe Oct 24
Most teams wait too long to hire admin people and are too quick to bring on agents. The sole reason your team should be expanding is to provide better service to your clients.
by Chris Pollinger Oct 17