The company is partnering with Wayfair and offering multiple price tiers to let property owners customize the aesthetic of their units
by Jim Dalrymple II | Apr 25
Owning a vacation rental complicates tax season, but getting it right is still essential
by Jim Dalrymple II | Apr 4
'Powered by Rentl' allows agents and brokerages to create branded, short-term rental programs for homeowners
by Marian McPherson | Nov 21
Feeling a shift? It's not just your imagination
by Steve Cook | Nov 2
The city ruled out short-term rentals following a local outcry from residents
by Kimberly Manning | Jul 11
Raising money from 'passive investors,' funds plough cash into new asset class, creating opportunity for agents
by Teke Wiggin | Apr 5
Whether you're buying a second home or a rental property for vacationers, think outside the box
by Kimberly Manning | Jul 9
Anna Maria's new law places tighter restrictions on owners, renters
by Kimberly Manning | Jun 29
Agents' knowledge of current and pending legislation, profit potential will be crucial to investors' buying decisions
by Heather Bayer | Mar 6
Expansion of pilot program puts 115,000 vacation rentals on travel site
by Inman | Sep 18
40 property management partners on board for launch
by Paul Hagey | Oct 17
Some types of claims may not be covered
by Tom Kelly | Sep 5
New regulations aimed at noise, parking, 'unfair competition'
by Tom Kelly | May 30
Online clues help weed out bogus listings
by Tom Kelly | May 2