The Real Brokerage more than doubles revenue, agent count in Q2
NYC-based Real Brokerage's Q2 revenue increased 65% year over year to $185.3M. Despite raising fees in Q1, its agent count grew 105% year over year, according to an earnings report
by Marian McPherson Aug 10
'Catching a wave': Nartey brings Globl RED to The Real Brokerage
'Catching Real right now is like catching a wave,' Kofi Nartey said. He sees the brokerage's sweeping growth and adoption of technology as the way of the future
Real Brokerage has big ambitions as it ramps up agents in Q3 and beyond
The Real Brokerage reported a third quarter net loss of $1.06M on $39.8M in revenue as its agents facilitated $1.44B in real estate transactions, up 879% from a year ago
by Matt Carter Nov 22
Virtual brokerage Real sees significant revenue growth in Q2
The company also saw its agent count grow to 2,451, up 126% year over year, according to earnings figures released Tuesday
by Jim Dalrymple II Aug 11
Virtual brokerage Real announces $20M funding round
The $20 million equity investment deal will enable Real to improve its mobile app and expand its footprint to 50 states and several international markets
by Marian McPherson Dec 3
Fathom Holdings, parent company of Fathom Realty, goes public
Fathom Holdings, the parent company of Fathom Realty, announced an initial public offering on Thursday with 3.43 million shares of common stock available for $10 each
by Marian McPherson Jul 31
Forget brick-and-mortar! 6 tips for launching an online brokerage
An industry veteran shares how he took his brokerage from brick-and-mortar to virtual, and offers advice on how you can do the same
by Jay Thompson Feb 12
Fathom Realty's IPO filing reveals increased revenue, widening losses
The flat-fee, virtual brokerage posted a net loss of more than $2.6M in the first nine months of 2019
by Patrick Kearns Jan 24
EXp Realty will launch mortgage, title and warranty services in Q3
The virtual, cloud-based real estate brokerage nearly doubled its revenue but still posted a net loss in Q2
by Patrick Kearns Aug 8
An image of innovative computer technology
Vikki Bartholomae believes Side has a 'revolutionary' business model
by Patrick Kearns Jul 22
EXp World Holdings names first chief marketing officer
EXp Realty's parent company is promoting Mitch Robinson, a senior vice president of marketing and communications for the virtual brokerage, to the newly created position
by Patrick Kearns Jun 27
Silhouettes of people jumping
Veronica Figueroa, a former Inman Innovator Award winner, told Inman she's excited about her team's growth opportunities at eXp Realty
by Patrick Kearns Jun 5
Glenn Sanford and Kendall Butler at ICSF 18
Revenue for the virtual cloud brokerage reaches record height, but the company is still operating at a loss
by Patrick Kearns May 9
HomeSmart in Florida
The Sunshine State will get a company-owned office and its first statewide virtual brokerage offering
by Patrick Kearns Apr 3
Real estate’s big threat, according to a Coldwell Banker NRT exec
Susan Yannaccone discusses Coldwell Banker's strengths, how to elevate more women to power and one existential threat looming on the horizon for real estate right now
by Patrick Kearns Mar 15