The owner of both Move and 'The Wall Street Journal' brought in $2.34B in revenue during the final months of the summer
by Jim Dalrymple II | Nov 7
Homeowners are showing interest in dinosaur fossils as one-of-a-kind fixtures sure to spark interest and envy
by Marian McPherson | Oct 10
Combined with a rising transfer tax, the uptick has caused luxury sales for properties priced above $2M to fall 31.5%
by Marian McPherson | Oct 2
The buyers are reported to be German investor Ekkehart Hassels-Weiler and his new husband Omar Romero
by Veronika Bondarenko | Oct 1
The 18-acre property sits on a hidden network of scuba tunnels
by Veronika Bondarenko | Sep 4
The 25,000-square-foot estate was built by celebrity builder Ardie Tavangarian for his family
by Veronika Bondarenko | Jul 22
After the massive college fraud scheme in which several real estate execs were charged, is college even worth it?
by Byron Lazine | Mar 22
NAR and real estate startup REX are fighting over the value of Realtors, and the commission they earn, in the Journal
by Patrick Kearns | Mar 12
High mortgage rates may have been to blame for the drop
by Marian McPherson | Feb 15
The 2,500-square-foot home in Queens, New York, is decked out in presidential paraphernalia, including copies of 'The Art of the Deal' and a cardboard cut-out of Donald J. Trump
by Veronika Bondarenko | Feb 5
Listing agent Janet Ben Zvi of ONE Sotheby’s International Realty is selling the property
by Veronika Bondarenko | Dec 13
Hilton and Hyland's Leonard Rabinowitz and Jack Friedkin, as well as Coldwell Banker’s Chris Cortazzo, are the property's listing agents
by Veronika Bondarenko | Nov 29
The company appears likely to make a decision on the location of its second headquarters before 2019
by Veronika Bondarenko | Nov 5
In 2004, Eric Blankenstein, a top enforcement director for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, repeatedly used the N-word and called hate crime reports a hoax
by Veronika Bondarenko | Oct 19
The billionaire investor purchased the 3,500-square-foot Laguna Beach, California property for $150,000 in 1971
by Veronika Bondarenko | Aug 24