Florida dominates list of best markets for 1st-time homebuyers
Palm Bay, Cape Coral and Tampa top WalletHub's list of best markets for 1st-time homebuyers. But a closer look at the rankings shows buyers may sacrifice quality of life for affordability gains
by Marian McPherson Jul 18
The worst state to raise a family is New Mexico. But what's the best?
A new survey released Monday from personal finance website WalletHub crunched numbers from 52 different factors to rank the best and worst states to raise a family
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Where renters can get more bang for their buck in the US
Experts also weigh in on how local policymakers can make housing more affordable for renters without upsetting homeowners
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older millennial
A new ranking from WalletHub looks at the best and worst cities for first-time homebuyers
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These are the cities with the best and worst mortgage outlooks
A new WalletHub report looked at median mortgage balances compared to median income and median home values in different American cities
The Real Word: Redfin and RE/MAX break up
Plus, the best places to be an agent, and the tiny home that went viral and sold out
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Seattle crown jewel of WalletHub's 'Best Big Cities' list
The Emerald City ranked first in economic strength and access to quality education and healthcare
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Labor Day deals: 20 real estate closing gifts you won't want to miss
Save some dough and please your clients too
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Texas leads the way in WalletHub's best real estate markets list
Frisco, McKinney and Allen are perfect for first-time buyers
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Homeownership in states with the most and least student debt
NAR chief economist says buyers with high student loan debt can still find ways to purchase
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Where can first-time homebuyers catch a break?
Homebuying newbies should consider quality of life, price and market health
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Best places to live: The top 10 American state capitals
Affordability, quality of life and economic well-being make Austin, Texas, No. 1
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WalletHub lines up where you should be plying your trade
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California's most and least family-friendly cities
WalletHub ranks best California cities based on family life, education, health, affordability and more
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Where does your town rank on WalletHub's funnest cities in the country?
Nobody searches for "boring" when they're moving somewhere new
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