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Published on Mar 13, 2016

Here were the most popular stories on Inman this past week:

A millennial woman with her hand on a hat looking over a lake

Anchiy /

10. Millennials are moving to the suburbs, student debt is affecting surprising demographics and more findings from the 2016 National Association of Realtors’ buyer/seller profile.

Geber86 /

Geber86 /

9. Follow these 5 steps to penning a blog that prospects not only care about, but will get lost in.


8. Why did top producer Leonard Steinberg join a startup brokerage? He tells Brad Inman all about it.


Tutti Frutti /

Tutti Frutti /

7. Use these 10 hints to take the best headshot of your career.


6. Not every marketing plan is suitable for everyone — so here are four different plans for wildly different types of producer.

A butterfly emerging from a row of chrysalises.

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5. We all know how one gets Internet leads — but how do you then convert them into business?

Produktownia /

Produktownia /

4. Anyone can search for a property, but matching clients with the perfect place is a next-level accomplishment.

Hillary Clinton speaking into a microphone

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3. Remember the time the National Association of Realtors paid Hillary Clinton upward of $200,000 to speak? Brad Inman does.


2. What does real estate rockstar hustle look like? Ask Raj Qsar.

A hand scanning a cell phone at a checkout

LDprod /

1. The new “Trade-In” feature of Opendoor will let consumers, well, trade in their homes.