10 steps to attracting free real estate leads on Instagram

An agent's guide to lead generation through visually driven social media
  • Create an eye-catching bio, and don't be afraid to use emojis -- they're fun!
  • Choose hashtags that will bring people to your page if they search the term but not so broad that your photo gets lost.
  • Get to know the big players in your area. Who are the influencers? What are they posting about?

I once had one of my brokers in charge tell me, “Social media is fine, but I don’t think you’ll find many clients that way.”Last month, I closed on a $220,000-plus sale where my client found me on Instagram. No, we didn’t know each other previously -- nor did we even run in the same circles. If it hadn’t have been for Instagram, I don’t believe we would have ever met.Instagram is one of my main social media marketing channels. Besides the sale I closed in January, so far this year I’ve received five to six rental leads and one referral lead looking to purchase in Texas. (I’m in North Carolina.)And the best part -- these leads were all free!I see a lot of real estate agents on Instagram, but they're making mistakes that alienate rather than connect.However, before I delve into how you should brand your profile and how to engage with other users (AKA potential clients), I wanted to cover my initial thoughts when deciding on my overall social media s...