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Showcase your new listing while branding yourself as a player in your real estate market
Feb 11
Stay top-of-mind all year long
Mar 21
The robust real estate app you’ve been looking for
Nov 3

We’ve all been there at some point in our careers — new to the industry, learning as we go. You might assume those with connections in real estate have an immediate advantage, but the successful agents in your area all began at the same starting line: Having to select the right brokerage, learning the ins and outs of the business, building on their sphere of influence and getting the word out about their profession.

Apr 11

To be at the top of your craft, you have to have dedication. The successful brokers and agents of today understand this, which is why they control a majority of the business in the areas they service.

Aug 24

Have you ever watched HGTV’s “Fixer-Upper” with Chip and JoAnna Gaines? What about “Property Brothers” with Jonathan and Drew Scott or “Flip or Flop” with Christina and Tarek El Moussa? Don’t you love what they do to the properties they find? A lot of times, these shows take a foreclosed home and transform it into an amazing renovation project — and the result is something that we draw inspiration from.

Apr 25

When you list a property, how do you get from point A to point B? Or better yet, how do you get from listing to close? Do you stress over the roadblocks that can arise or look at the bigger picture? Here is a way to simplify your goals and make gains in your productivity from start to finish as a listing agent.

Apr 21

Have you ever heard the saying: You’re only as strong as your network? What about: Referrals are the key to a thriving business? Well, both are true, and it is highly likely that the top producers in your area do a phenomenal job at nurturing those relationships.

Dec 16