Rick's Stories


How many times has this happened to you? Your clients call (or text or email) and want to go see the new listing that just popped up in their feed. You open up MLS, look up the listing — and it is perfect for them — so you go to set the appointment.

Aug 12

I have a confession — I am an introvert — and that statement would probably surprise most who know me. I live an extrovert’s existence most of my waking hours. And you know what? I am pretty good at it.

Mar 15

So about real estate prospecting — I hate cold-calling, door-knocking and calling expired listings. I don’t like sitting across the kitchen table from a homeowner and telling him or her that their listing is worth far less than they think.

Feb 10

The pressure to produce immediate results is everywhere. Coaches lose their job after a critical loss, CEOs are fired after a quarter of less-than-stellar results, and we expect our political leaders to solve century-old problems with one speech.

Jan 21

We have all seen the following bio: “I specialize in urban, suburban and rural areas, foreclosures, luxury homes, condos, land and investment properties. I also work with historic properties, new construction, farms, first-time homebuyers and vacation properties.”

Nov 24

If you think that a third-party website, service or platform can deliver you names and numbers of people who are vetted, engaged and ready to buy, then you might want to think again.

Nov 4

As a somewhat regular contributor to Inman, I recently received a request to fill out a short profile/questionnaire about myself and my writing. The last question they asked was “What advice would you give to new contributors?”

Aug 6

The planned community model has served as the basis of suburban development for decades. So when did suburban experience begin? Census data tells much of the story.

Jul 14