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Susan Chiang /

Susan Chiang /

10. Buyer’s agents have an opportunity to meet moving millennials well before they’re looking to buy.


A man navigating Airbnb on his phone

d8nn /

9. Short-term rental funds are on the rise, and could provide a new business stream for agents.


An irritated woman taking a phone call.

fizkes /

8. Is your day interrupted by consistent sales calls? How do you deal with them?


Moving boxes on a dolly.

Sean Locke Photography /

7. Getting involved in the company relocation business can give you a lucrative stream of income.


A real estate agent with two buyers

goodluz /

6. How the skills you learn as a buyer’s agent follow you through your career.


A couple sharing a champagne toast on the floor in their new house

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5. An MLS mistake meant my home’s Zestimate might have gotten me a fantastic deal.


Comparing apples to apples

mythja /

4. Explaining the difference between “real estate agent” and “Realtor.”



Oleksandr Berezko /

Oleksandr Berezko /

3. Cognitive computing is coming to real estate — will Upstream or the MLS be the first to utilize it?


Two hands holding out a gift

jocic /

2. Why be a go-getter when you can be a go-giver, instead?

A woman accountant creating a budget using a calculator

Morganka /

1. There are lots of places you could spend your lead generation budget — here are four you should absolutely not skip.

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