How to stay together as a real estate couple

Why Keller Williams has set up a couples retreat to help its affiliates with relationship communication and stress management
  • Couples in real estate (especially those who work together) are under similar pressures as couples in the medical world, the police force or fire services.
  • Real estate couples should make sure they agree on how much to share about their families on social media.
  • Real estate couples on the KW course agreed to carve out and protect family and couple time in the evenings, with the help of their teams.

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When Laura and Jason Berns first began working as The Berns Team in Pasadena, California, they didn't initially have a system worked out to decide who would take the lead with which clients. "It was a tense situation," said Laura. "It was confusing -- we did not have that communication and a system." Now, they do: If a client contacts one of them, that person takes the lead with that client. It's alleviated the tension and helped Laura and Jason Berns function as a business and as a married couple. As real estate couples ride the wave of a healthy housing market, there are more demands on their personal time than ever before. Keeping up the levels of communication necessary for a happy marriage can be challenging -- especially when there are two real estate agents in the marriage, and especially when those agents work together. If one partner goes too far down one path without bringing their significant other along, that husband and wife real estate team can implode. It ca...