Stop looking for the easy way out — branding is hard work

You have to put in the work and be authentic to build a brand
  • Stop looking for set-it-and-forget-it marketing solutions -- they don't exist.
  • Buying followers or email lists is a giant waste of time. Instead, foster and grow a list organically.
  • Building a brand people want to engage with takes years. Be prepared to build a brand following one-by-one.

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Stop looking for the easy way out. There is no program that you can pay $10 or $100 to automate your social media accounts and see real traction. If you're looking for something to set and forget, please go to another story -- this one's not for you. We are going to talk about branding and why it takes authenticity to build a brand. You cannot automate authenticity, period. Agents always try to do this by contracting out their social media work to software companies that post on their behalf. Well, newsflash: your customers can see through the BS and tell when something is automated. Agents are notorious for this. Heck, if you head to any article I've written on Inman, take that URL and throw it into Twitter search, you'll see 25-50 accounts all set up to tweet the articles automatically as they come out. This isn't marketing; it's being lazy. You can do this for almost any major publication, and you'll see the same automated behavior. However, automation isn't the only th...