Boost, browse, broadcast: 3 Facebook strategies you might be missing

Facebook's popularity among agents was proven in an Inman special report. But are agents leveraging its best features?
  • Facebook is the most affordable media source by CPM (cost per thousand of impressions) we've ever seen.
  • Boosted posts have proven to be an effective way to generate more traffic.
  • Pick one day a week to spend 45 minutes finding relevant content to share.

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Have suggestions for products that you'd like to see reviewed by our real estate technology expert? Email Craig Rowe. Inman's most recent special report on industry use of social media demonstrated that Facebook remains the top gun in your social outreach arsenal. I'm not sure what prompted some respondents to posit that Facebook won't be as relevant in a few years. Based on what? Would Facebook's lack of relevancy even be possible given the data power under its thumb? It knows more about us every day, just like Google. Facebook has evolved well beyond keeping in touch with old high school friends. It's a bonafide news and media generation resource. My feed is probably 75 percent companies and organizations. It's where companies need to be. Real estate agents are companies, vying for views on this powerful platform. Here are 3 ways to better leverage Facebook for your business. Boost your closings Pay to advertise a closing. Grab the best picture of the house, use...