5 disruptive technologies that will shape real estate

Don't let the innovation train leave without you
  • 90 percent of human jobs might be replaced by robots in the next 50 years.
  • Disruptive innovations will change how we work, research and live.
  • We produce 5 quintillion bytes of data per day -- use it.

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Schumpetrian disruption is on the move, and many branches of our industry are not even aware. Innovation comprises much more than social media, online marketing and some smart consumer applications. Five core technological innovations -- artificial intelligence, 3-D printing, robotics, synthetic biology and sensors -- all have big implications for the industry. These technologies are laying the groundwork for smart applications, big data and more. Hence, it is essential to get to know the core five and understand how they might impact your business. Artificial intelligence: Learning machines and more Artificial intelligence (AI), defined as the development of intelligent machines that can perform human tasks, does not have to be solely created by code but can be built with genetic engineering and more. AI includes the field of supervised as well as unsupervised machine learning, both of which are relevant to the real estate industry. Most of you use the internet on ...