Why negotiable commission brokerage Worth Clark Realty can't stop growing

How founder Bryan Bowles took his firm to the Inc. 500 level
  • Worth Clark Realty president and founder Bryan Bowles brings his grandfather's legacy into his company values.
  • The brokerage offers a 100/0 split, tech support and a negotiable commission structure with sellers.
  • The company founder believes the real estate transaction should be far more transparent than it currently is.
  • He also anticipates that more of the real estate transaction will go online in the next 10 years.

Underneath the business moniker “Worth Clark Realty” lies a philosophy blending blood, integrity and perseverance. The brokerage grew 3,493-percent growth over the last three years, landing a spot on the Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing private companies. In addition to this marked expansion, the brokerage’s negotiable seller commissions, 100/0 splits, emphasis on the consumer experience and desire to break down opaque walls in the transaction process make it stand out as a rising player.