4 ways Zillow is doing right by agents

Things to consider before you complain
  • Consumers like Zillow and are very likely to begin their home search on this search titan.
  • The benefits to the consumer and your career are something to consider before you decide to pull listing data or boycott.
  • There are many things that the platform offers to help agents further develop their careers that often underutilized by agents.

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Agents and Zillow have been at a standoff for years over the data, and the beef is catching up with consumers. The question remains: Is it professional to bash a search platform without recognizing that it offers benefits to users as well? The numbers do not lie. Earlier this year Zillow trafficked an all-time high of unique visitors. More than 171 million unique users logged on in May 2016 to Zillow Group’s consumer brands, up 20 percent year-over-year. In Q2, more than 168 million average monthly unique users visited Zillow Group’s consumer brands. What does this mean? It means that consumers are turning to these search titans for answers. It also means that agents who have a presence on these sites will see a direct impact on their business. As Gary Vaynerchuk would say, the level of complaining has become unacceptable. Let's talk about Zillow. Here are the facts: this juggernaut of a home search site has turned into a monster media company where one out of every four...